Stats to jump start your mobile destination marketing strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mobile destination marketing for travel operatorsAdvancements in mobile technology are making it easier than ever for people to discover relevant information with their devices, so it should come as no surprise that today’s travelers are increasingly turning to their smartphones to be inspired when planning their next trip.


Just in case you want to put this into perspective, Google insights have revealed that over the past year alone, mobile’s share of travel visits have risen 48%. Improvements in mobile site optimisation have seen travelers spending less time per session to discover what they are looking for, with this time down 7% over the past year. In turn, conversion rates have increased a huge 88% during the same period.


Travel operators have a lot to gain by targeting mobile users with their marketing strategy, with travel sales predicted to increase to 46% by 2019, up from 31% just last year. Brands are also raring to invest their advertising dollars in mobile, with eMarketer reporting that mobile made up $2.38 billion of digital ad spending in the travel industry, and will soon eclipse desktop as the majority of the industry’s digital ad spend. If you are not already thinking in terms of mobile for your brand this year then you may be neglecting a huge portion of your audience.


Mobile is no longer the future that travel operators need to plan for, it is the present, and if you are not already thinking in terms of mobile for your marketing strategy then you may be neglecting the largest share of your market. In case you need further persuasion, check out the latest mobile travel stats which have been compiled from the industry’s leading sources on mobile trends.

Mobile Destination Marketing Infographic


Mobile destination marketing for travel operators
The latest stats and figures you need to know when planning a marketing strategy for your travel brochures.


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Mobile destination marketing for travel operators