Here’s proof that travel publishers need to go mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]

In order to reach a travel decision, consumers will go through different phases of what Google likes to call a Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) journey, which starts from the travel intent, across planning, booking, and even during the actual traveling. While these stages happen, people are increasingly reaching for their nearest mobile device to provide them with the answers they seek, and if you, as a travel publishing authority, have not optimised your guides or brochures for mobile readers, then they will turn to the next provider who has.

The truth is that if you are not creating and distributing content with your mobile market in mind then, then you are neglecting a huge proportion of your readership, which can spell disaster for not only your visibility in the market, but for your advertiser prospects too. Today’s travelers are turning to mobile to be inspired and take action, and if your guide is easily discoverable and accessable for them on their smartphone when they are on the go, then you will not only see returning visitors to your site, but a strengthening of brand awareness within your industry too.
If that persuasion isn’t enough to expand your publishing efforts to mobile, here’s an infographic that can show you just how the numbers stack up. Here’s how your audience depends on mobile today in mapping out their next trip!


Infographic Traveler


The mobile platform has well and truly established itself as a crucial medium for travelers when it comes to seeking out information about their trip. As publishers within this industry, you need to act now to strengthen your mobile presence in order to create new avenues for readers to engage with your content. There is no better place to start than with your most valuable content; your guides and brochures. Realview has just launched a new mobile-first publishing and content marketing solution called PARTICA, which was created with the monetization and distribution challenges of travel publishing companies in mind.

To find out more about how you can create a mobile strategy for your travel guides that will help you get your content straight into the hands of your readers, click through to read our presentation.

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